People Who Live in Internet (Netizen) Should have to see this Video

The Netizens:

I wanna to discuss about the Netizen: so the term is being used extensively in postmodern society , therefore the postmodern society is obsessed with internet whether it is Wii, Face book , Twitter or other social sites. the postmodern society is tremendously manipulating their life over the internet so during the time of Shopping and even in dining choices, although the people became much meaningless so they engage in social networking sites and activities. These social networking sites sometime abuse and exploit their own life inadvertently, the postmodern communities can create individual public profiles, interact with real-life friends, and meet other people based on shared interests.

When the people go out whether with family, friends or if they are in tour the most important element is there should be the presence and availability of Wifi, actually whether doesnt have Wifi there it should be a big matter so that the wifi became the central part of postmodern human such as the food , drinks and breathing oxygen, meanwhile l there’s access to WiFi, the people will be more enjoyable, if it is not they may feel depression , someone would have felt the hypretension, so if there is wifi , people can take pictures of what they do, what they eat, and what they purchase, even someone is ready to share their bed room , girl friends , partners affection gesture, and then they can handily and freely upload these pictures onto their beloved social networks in order to share with their friends. In this case, “Do they have WiFi?” has become the most commonly asked question for people now. If there is no WiFi available for some places and areas may be neglected , lots of people will get perturbed and upset about this unavailability. Luckily, mobile broadband has become a remedy for those who are addicted to their phones and social media.

Today, this kind of question and obsessive fear is a real phenomenon rather than nationaly and identity , it has invaded the whole younger generation as the increasing popularity of smartphones beyond the bounders and nationalities , smart phone and other devices , particularly the abundance of mobile apps, and games. Moreover, the facebook and other social sites might be shut down for half hour it would be a big economical loos, so the digital media environment is rapidly evolving, driven by the multiplication of devices people use to consume content both at home, at work and on the go. Consequently, a growing number of people are likely to access a wide variety of digital content across a multitude of devices on a daily basis. With smartphones, tablets and other connected devices, people have become digital omnivores – not just because of the media they consume, but also in how they consume it.

Technology surrounds us. We are always exposed to it some way or another. There is no escape from it, unless you were cast upon a desert isle. We were the global Citizens now we became Netizens; beyond the super diversity and multyculturalism we may have been using Digital Omnivores s to the technological advance… Are you a digital NetiZen ?HAHAHAHAHAHAH .

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