Free Antivirus 2013 for absolutely free

Computer virus is an executable program that is purposely and intentionally made to block and damage the computer operation and software program, the computer virus would spoil the files and other programs by contaminating the data. . the virus will be infected by the  internet browsing websites with Trojans and adware, email attachments or spam mails with worms, downloading the files from untrusted websites and copying the infected files from external devices would bring viruses to the computer.Antivirus is also a computer program which is particularly intended and made for the detection, to avoid and to eradicate the harmful programs in the computer.

Here are some indication on symptoms and signs of  infected viruses.


1. Computer will be very slow.

2. System doesn’t work properly and system gets auto shutdown and restarts suddenly.

3. Problem in opening the Windows task manager and system booting.

4.Vanishing of files & documents and trouble to accesse the CD & DVD drives.

5. too difficult  in running the applications from the start menu.

6. Automatically redirect the page to certain websites while connecting the internet.

7. show down virtual memory is low.

Free anti virus 2013



Best antivirus software 2013

Here are the details of best antivirus softwares 2013 and free antivirus download.

1. Bitdefender:

Bitdefender antivirus software is excellent to use and easy to set up. It uses little system resources so the performance of the system never gets slow with it. Having personal data filter, rescue mode and USB immunizer are the advantages which ensure the system protection. Here the infected files are collected and placed in the quarantine, the users are given the choice to remove them or direct them to the lab for further analysis. Remote management, secure financial transactions, worthy phishing protection are its good features.

Cons: Takes much time to clean-up the infected system.

 Download free Bitdefender


 2. Avira:

Avira antivirus software is available in four languages with good online support. It has improved security features and supports almost all the operating system. Quick removals of virus, generic repair system, proactive with advanced web protection are its genuine features and got good score in malware blocking test.

Cons: Interface seems little complex, poor detection of new phishing websites and pop-ups. 

 Download free Avira 


 3. Emsisoft emergency kit:

This emergency kit contains powerful utilities which protect the PC by debugging and repairing the damaged or corrupted systems. No installation is required and the users can have full control over the system. It is highly rated by Virus bulletin as the system scanner uses a dual scan engine.

Cons: It does not take care of Rootkits  

 Download free Emsisoft emergency kit 


 4. AVG:

Its smart interface design allows the users to perform the common actions with few clicks. Anti spyware tools like email scanner, link scanner, automatic updates and scanning options are excellent here and also have PC tune-up analysis. It checks almost all the files before downloading them and includes protection for Android devices. PC runs smoothly as it helps to stop unsecured links and files.

Cons: little difficulty in installation and sometimes manual clean-up is required.

  Download free AVG


 5. Avast:

Avast free antivirus program is simple to install and its uncomplicated interface makes it to use comfortably. Quick scan to identify the potential threats and a software updater to alert about the missed program updates are some of its good features. It supports all types of operating system and it has the capability to detect the previous unknown virus and other malware. Its additional features include built in remote assistance and automatic sand boxing to keep the suspicious program from doing harm.

Cons: Icon interface takes some learning and high resource consumption.

 Download free Avast  


6. Panda cloud:

It is extremely light as it is simple and quick to install. It is based on cloud computing with behavioral analysis. The users need not to worry about the updates and there would not be any troublesome messages. Additional malware tools are available to clean-up the system and it is very good in removing the new threats.

Cons: Absence of advanced features like automatic scan and phishing threats.

Download free Panda Cloud 


 7. Microsoft security essentials: 

This excellent antivirus program protects the PC from all sorts of viruses and it is easy to use. It scored good rank in independent labs as it isolates users from confusing details. Installation is easy with good interface and it uses definition files and real time defenses to prevent the malwares. Apart from the quick and full scan, there is a custom scan option available which let the users to select the specific folders to scan.

Cons: It has less features and scanning of files take lot of time.

Download free Microsoft security essentials



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