Well -known Online Antivirus scanners

Kaspersky Online Virus Scanner This free online virus scanner is one of the most powerful tool if you want to remove a difficult virus from your PC without paying any penny. You will be able to check out just a single suspicious file if you want. This is our recommendation for a free virus scanner with a very good detection rate and removal results.

McAfee’s Virus-scan Online This is an online antivirus software and scanner provided by McAfee Labs. It offers a medium level of detection with good removal capability.

Symantec Security Online Check This tool needs Internet Explorer as browser. You can perform a lot of types of scans, including a virus scan. This tool is provided by Symantec, the producer of Norton Antivirus.

Panda Active Scan Antivirus This tool will work only on the Internet Explorer browser. You’ll need 4.0 or higher IE installed on your computer. This freeware antivirus tool will run in your browser to eliminate and detect dangerous viruses in your PC. The tool requires Active X on the browser.

TrendMicro HouseCall Virus Scanner This freeware antivirus detector runs without any software installation. However, Trend Micro Virus scanner requires Windows Operating Systems and cannot run on Linux based computers.

VirusTotal Scanner Freeware virus online scanner, with very good capability. This free antivirus tool requires uploading of suspicious file on the server. Just pick  the Browse button and upload your single file. The file will be scanned by a lot of powerful tools (about 30 antivirus software, installed on server). At the end you will receive a free report on the file and you will know whether the file is dangerous to your computer.


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