Cybersociology: Religion Online / Techno-Spiritualism

Cybersociology Magazine was  a forum for the cross-disciplinary academic discussion of life online, until September 1999. Its last, seventh web based issue, focusing on Religion Online / Techno-Spiritualismhad five relevant articles: The Spirtual Cyborg, by Erik Davis, a San Franciso-based writer, culture critic, and independent scholar who recently published “TechGnosis: Myth, Magic, and Mysticism in the Age of Information” (Harmony Books, 1998).

Examines the theme of the ‘spiritual cyborg’ with particular attention to two contemporary spiritual movements, i.e. Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way and Ron Hubbard’s Scientology

Is Cyberspace a Spiritual Space?, by Margaret Wertheim, is a regular contributor to numerous magazines and is the author of “The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace: A History of Space from Dante to the Internet” and “Pythagoras Trousers”

Many cyber-enthiusiasts have techno-religious yearnings and are convinced that cyberspace is a new kind a spiritual space. In her wonderful book, The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace: A History of Space from Dante to the Internet, Margaret Wertheim traces the history of western notions of space and how these have been informed by cultural, and particularly religious, concerns. From Dante’s Inferno to today’s Internet, there’s a connection in the dualistic Western conception where body and soul are seen as two distinct spheres. Within this tradition, the immaterial has always been equated with with the spiritual. Such a confusion is not without dangers, Wertheim argues . The following essay is a shortened and excerpted version of chapter seven of her book.

Dialogue on the Cyber-Sacred and the Relationship Between Technological and Spiritual Development, by Michel Bauwens and Father Vincent Rossi.

The following is a dialogue on the notion of the cyber-sacred and the relationship between technological and spiritual development. The first entry is written by our guest editor Michel Bauwens, who penned down his conclusions after finalising a three-hour documentary on this subject, entitled TechnoCalyps, which will be shown this fall on several TV stations worldwide. The response is from Father Vincent Rossi, who is a priest in the Christian Orthodox tradition.

Techno-Spiritual Quotes, Collected by Jeremy S. Gluck, the founder of Spiritech UK, an association that strongly believes not only the function of technology as a mirror of human consciousness but in the eventual unfolding of an original machine consciousness that will be a partner to humankind. Cyberspace: the New Frontier for Religion, by Lin Collette, Brown University, USA.


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