Top 10 Movie Streaming Websites

If you don’t want to download movies, streaming movies can be a valid alternative, simply because you can instantly and freely watch them online without downloading.

Below you will see the top 10 movie streaming websites where you can watch online for free not only movies, but also cartoons, anime and series.

1. OVGuide

OVGuide, founded in 2006, is a directory of streaming websites: movies, animes, cartoons, tv-showsbut also other streaming videos areas such as fitness, travel, videogames, food, technology and all sorts of user-generated contents.

This up-to-date guide to online video is the Internet’s most comprehensive, with also a unique interface.

2. Moviesfoundonline

All videos listed on Moviesfoundonline (from movies to documentaries) are embedded from Google Video, YouTube, IMDB, Wikipedia or suchlike.

Everything has been verified to be in public domain or otherwise free for you to watch and download.

3. Joox

The peculiarity of Joox is that this website allows you to watch in streaming Divx videos. So good quality is guaranteed. Joox has now 5 streaming channels: Movies, tv-shows, cartoons, sports and news. You can choose the video you want to watch using various criteria. You can search by genre, by year, by countries, by actors or by directors.

4. Fnuz

Fnuz interface pretty much reminds the Google one. Indeed, all you have to do is enter a name or a title on the search box and wait just few moments for the results. Among them, you can be sure to find the exact video you are searching for.

5. Google Video

Through Google Video you can find your favourite movies simply using the Advanced Search and changing the drop-down “Duration” menu to “Longer than twenty minutes”. It’s an extremely easy way to view multimedia content from YouTube and other video search sites.

6. Alluc

Alluc offers a great amount of streaming videos list, divided into: Cartoons, Shows, Anime, Movies, Music clip, Sport, Documentaries. It’s regularly updated and is available in English, German and Spanish.

7. Onlinecinema

Onlinecinema is a user controlled community that bookmarks popular videos across the internet. The content includes a large number of categories: Action movies, Drama and Comedy movies, Child movies, Thiller and Romance movies, and many more. You can also watch online for free tv-shows, anime and video games.

8. Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents lists nearly 1000 full-length movies for free. You can also legally download them because these movies have fallen out of copyright and therefore are now in the public domain.


IMDB (International Movie Database) is the biggest movie, tv-show and actor/actress information database on the Web. You can search by Movie/TV title, Cast/Crew name, Character name, Recent Releases, etc. and if you go straight to the Video page, you can get movie trailers, multimedia files and also full length movies and tv-shows. All of them are hosted for free and in good quality.

10. FreeTube

FreeTube is a little bit different from the rest of websites profiled here. It offers streaming channels, instead of individual movies, drom which you can freely watch a full length movie. All movies are in good quality and you can watch them right in your browser. Just need a couple of plugins (even if most browsers have these plugins already installed).


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