Free 8 Educational resources

I have chosen the 8 open education resources which I found the most marvelous, I intend you will take the advantages and benefits from these sites which I have given


If you want to learn about anything in the world, chances are, you can find out about it from Khan Academy. The free educational organization offers more than 2,700 video lectures and tutorials, in subjects as diverse as finance and cosmology. Founded by MIT graduate Salman Khan, the site’s mission is “providing a high quality education to anyone, anywhere.” Khan Academy really stands out for the unique, low-tech format that the videos offer


MIT’s Open Courseware is easily one of the most well-known and highly utilized resources of free online learning. In fact, the program has nearly reached 11 years of service, with an anniversary coming up this year on April 4th. MIT boasts a whopping 2,000 open courses, ranging from calculus to philosophy. Since its inception, this project has been an amazing resource for free online learning


Berkeley has made it incredibly easy to learn wherever you are with its webcast initiative. Through Berkeley Webcast, anyone can find video and audio of full undergraduate courses, as well as on-campus events. Started in 1995, Berkeley’s site now has more than 100 full courses available in an easy to use format, including streaming audio and podcasting. Berkeley has begun to branch out past its own site, even, assigning a Creative Commons license to its materials


Tufts University’s OCW project offers an incredible resource for health sciences education, with courses from the university’s school of medicine, dental medicine, school of veterinary medicine, and more. But Tufts offers so much more than just free and open courses. Tufts’ OCW is just one part of a large Open Educational Resources movement on campus


MIT, Berkeley, Yale, and other great Open Courseware collections show what individual universities can do for open education, but the Open Courseware Consortium brings together the power of 250 universities and organizations worldwide. Together, OCW Consortium members have published more than 13,000 courses, all available through the consortium’s website. But the great availability of courses isn’t all they offer: members (and even non-members) benefit from resources for developing open courseware projects, collaboration, and efforts to continue developing the free and open exchange of ideas and education


Like the Open Courseware Consortium, Academic Earth represents the combined effort of several different universities and organizations. MIT, Berkeley, UCLA, Harvard, and more have all made their video lectures available free on the Academic Earth website. Academic Earth is designed to make it easy to access the vast array of educational lectures available online, particularly those from Ivy League and well respected universities. Self learners and students can take advantage of this amazing resource to find free learning from some of the best lecturers in academia, and it’s all easily accessible and organized thanks to Academic Earth.


Textbook Revolution comes in, with an incredible amount of free and open textbooks available online through the site. Where students might otherwise have to pay hundreds of dollars for books on campus, Textbook Revolution makes it easy to search for free and open alternatives. Run by students, Textbook Revolution makes free educational materials available to students, teachers, and professors, along with reviews to help you choose the best one for you. They’re all in a searchable database, available as PDF, e-book, and even multimedia content


Textbooks are just one kind of book, but Project Gutenberg offers every type of book imaginable, from reference books to novels. Every book available through the Project Gutenberg site can be offered for free because the copyrights on them have expired. That means all of their ebooks were previously published, and are of high quality. This resource is of particular interest to those who are studying classic literature, as there are many famous books available on the site. Sherlock HolmesHuckleberry Finn, even Grimm’s Fairy Takes are among the most popular books on the site, and can come in quite handy for literature students and other scholars. Math, science, and other subjects are well represented as well


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