2 Billion Jobs are going to be disappeared in 2030


2 billion jobs are going to be evanescent in 2030 the world is changing day by day , technological innovation and it’s permeation was confronted by modern science, we witnessed in the last week a new invention, New Robert can be moved by the passion and the intention of human, then , where the jobs will be going to disappear and the jobs that will likely be replaced ,a number of them over coming in next decades in planet. here is an over-review about the five industries. 1.) Power Industry. Jobs Going to vanish Power generation plants will begin to close down. Coal plants will begin to close down. Many railroad and transportation workers will no longer be needed. Even wind farms, natural gas, and bio-fuel generators will begin to close down. Ethanol plants will be phased out or repurposed. Utility company engineers, gone. Line repairmen, gone. New Jobs will be Created Manufacturing power generation units the size of ac units will go into full production. Installation crews will begin to work around the clock. The entire national grid will need to be taken down (a 20 year project). Much of it will be recycled and the recycling process alone will employ many thousands of people. Micro-grid operations will open in every community requiring a new breed of engineers, managers, and regulators. Many more.2, Automobile Transportation – Going Driverless In the next 10 years we can see the first generation of of autonomous vehicles will show up in the roads, The first generation of driverless vehicles will be appeared in roads . Jobs Going Away Taxi and limo drivers, gone. Bus drivers, gone. Truck drivers, gone. Gas stations, parking lots, traffic cops, traffic courts, gone. Fewer doctors and nurses will be needed to treat injuries. Pizza (and other food) delivery drivers, gone. Mail delivery drivers, gone. FedEx and UPS delivery jobs, gone. As people shift from owning their own vehicles to a transportation-on-demand system, the total number of vehicles manufactured will also begin to decline. New Jobs Created Delivery dispatchers Traffic monitoring systems, although automated, will require a management team. Automated traffic designers, architects, and engineers Driverless “ride experience” people.Driverless operating system engineers.Emergency crews for when things go wrong 3.) Education The OpenCourseware Movement took hold in 2001 when MIT started recording all their courses and making them available for free online. They currently have over 2080 courses available that have been downloaded 131 million times. In 2004 the Khan Academy was started with a clear and concise way of teaching science and math. Today they offer over 2,400 courses that have been downloaded 116 million times. Now, the 8,000 pound gorilla in the OpenCourseware space is Apple’s iTunes U. This platform offers over 500,000 courses from 1,000 universities that have been downloaded over 700 million times. Recently they also started moving into the K-12 space.As the Open Courseware Movement has shown us, courses are becoming a commodity. Teachers only need to teach once, record it, and then move on to another topic or something else. In the middle of all this we are transitioning from a teaching model to a learning model. Why do we need to wait for a teacher to take the stage in the front of the room when we can learn whatever is of interest to us at any moment? Teaching requires experts. Learning only requires coaches. With all of the assets in place, we are moving quickly into the new frontier of a teacherless education system. Jobs Going Away Teachers. Trainers. Professors. New Jobs Created Coaches. Course designers. Learning camps. 4.) 3D Printers The first commercial 3D printer was invented by Charles Hull in 1984, based on a technique called stereolithography. Three-dimensional printing makes it as cheap to create single items as it is to produce thousands of items and thus undermines economies of scale. It may have as profound an impact on the world as the coming of the factory did during the Henry Ford era. Jobs Going Away If we can print our own clothes and they fit perfectly, clothing manufacturers and clothing retailers will quickly go away. Similarly, if we can print our own shoes, shoe manufacturers and shoe retailers will cease to be relevant. If we can print construction material, the lumber, rock, drywall, shingle, concrete, and various other construction industries will go away. New Jobs Created 3D printer design, engineering, and manufacturing 3D printer repairmen will be in big demand Product designers, stylists, and engineers for 3D printers 3D printer ‘Ink’ sellers 5.) Bots We are moving quickly past the robotic vacuum cleaner stage to far more complex machines. The BigDog robot, shown above, is among the most impressive and potentially useful for troops in the immediate future–it’s being developed to act as an autonomous drone assistant that’ll carry gear for soldiers across rough battlefield terrain. Nearly every physical task can conceivably be done by a robot at some point in the future. Jobs Going Away Fishing bots will replace fishermen. Mining bots will replace miners. Ag bots will replace farmers. Inspection bots will replace human inspectors. Warrior drones will replace soldiers. Robots can pick up building material coming out of the 3D printer and begin building a house with it. New Jobs Created Robot designers, engineers, repairmen. Robot dispatchers. Robot therapists. Robot trainers. Robot fashion designers.

pls visit more information:      http://www.wfs.org/content/2-billion-jobs-disappear-2030


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