Interface volume 4 issue 1. The season of revolution: the Arab Spring and European mobilizations

Interface volume 4 issue 1. The season of revolution: the Arab Spring and European mobilizations

Posted on May 10, 2012 by laurence


Volume 4 issue 1, single file complete
PDF (9 MB)

Volume 4 issue 1, single file complete without images
PDF (3.8 MB)

ISSN 2009-2431


The season of revolution: the Arab Spring and European mobilizations. Magid Shihade, Cristina Flesher Fominaya and Laurence Cox (pp. 1 – 16)

The season of revolution: the Arab Spring

Weaving revolution: harassment by the Egyptian regime (action note) Austin Mackell (pp. 17 – 19)

Weaving revolution: speaking with Kamal El-Fayoumi (interview) Austin Mackell (pp. 20 – 32)
PDF no images (EN)

The Arab revolutions: a year after Samir Amin (pp. 33 – 42)

Dream history of the global South (P) Vijay Prashad (pp. 43 – 53)

Containing the “Arab Spring” (P) Jeremy Salt (pp. 54 – 66)

The legacy of US intervention and the Tunisian revolution: promises and challenges one year on (P) Azadeh Shahshahani and Corinna Mullin (pp. 67 – 101)

After Mubarak, before transition: the challenges for Egypt’s domestic opposition (interview and event analysis) Andrea Teti and Gennaro Gervasio (pp. 102 – 112)

Syria, the Arab uprisings, and the political economy of authoritarian resilience (P) Bassam Haddad (pp. 113 – 130)

Corporate American media coverage of Arab revolutions: the contradictory messages of modernity (P) Steven Salaita (pp. 67 – 101)

A politics of non-recognition? Biopolitics of Arab Gulf worker protests in the year of uprisings (P) Ahmed Kanna (pp. 146 – 164)

The Arab upsurge and the “viral” revolutions of our time (P) Aditya Nigam (pp. 165 – 177)

Witness and trace: January 25 graffiti and public art as archive (event analysis) Cassie Findlay (pp. 178 – 182)

Special section: a new wave of European mobilizations?
Guest editor: Mayo Fuster Morell

“Esta revolución es muy copyleft”. Entrevista a Stéphane M. Grueso a propósito del 15M Eduardo Romanos (pp. 183 – 206)
PDF no images (ES)

Horizontal democracy now: from alterglobalization to occupation (P)Marianne Maeckelbergh (pp. 207 – 234)

15M. Trajectòries mobilitzadores i especifitats territorials. El cas català (P)Fabià Díaz-Cortés i Gemma Ubasart-Gonzàlez (pp. 235 – 250)
PDF no images (CA)

Public squares and resistance: the politics of space in the Indignados movement (P) Puneet Dhaliwal (pp. 251 – 273)

Mobilizing against the crisis, mobilizing for “another democracy”: comparing two global waves of protest (event analysis) Donatella della Porta (pp. 274 – 277)

Algunas ideas sobre política y políticas en el cambio de épocas: Retos asociados a la nueva sociedad y a los movimientos sociales emergentes (event analysis) Joan Subirats (pp. 278 – 286)

Articles: general

Collective identity formation and collective action framing in a Mexican “movement of movements” (P) Marina Adler (pp. 287 – 315)

Participatory budgeting in the city: challenging NYC’s development paradigm from the grassroots (practice note) Nancy Baez and Andreas Hernandez (pp. 316 – 326)

Struggling to unite: the rise and fall of one university movement in Poland.(P) Magdalena Prusinowska, Piotr Kowzan, Małgorzata Zielińska (pp. 327 – 359)
PDF no images (EN)

The Water Pressure Group: lessons learned (action note) Jim Gladwin and Rose Hollins (pp. 360 – 369)
PDF no images (EN)



Single PDF (EN)  (pp. 370 – 401)

Erica Chenoweth and Maria J. Stephan, Why civil resistance works: the strategic logic of nonviolent action. Brian Martin

Firoze Manji and Sokari Ekine (eds), Africa awakening: the emerging revolutionsKaren Ferreira-Meyers

Amory Starr, Luis Fernandez and Christian Scholl, Shutting down the streets: political violence and social control in the global era. Deborah Eade

Rebecca Kolins Givan, Kenneth Roberts and Sarah Soule (eds), The diffusion of social movements: actors, mechanisms, and political effects. Cecelia Walsh-Russo

Florian Heßdörfer, Andrea Pabst and Peter Ullrich (eds), Prevent and tame: protest under (self)controlLucinda Thompson

Observatorio Metropolitano, Crisis y revolución en Europa: people of Europe rise up! Michael Byrne

Mariel Mikaela Arthur Lemonik, Student activism and curricular change in higher educationChristine Neejer

Rebecca MacKinnon, Consent of the networked: the worldwide struggle for internet freedomPiotr Konieczny

Call for papers volume 5 issue 1

Struggles, strategies and analysis of anticolonial and postcolonial social movements (pp. 402 – 403)

List of editorial contacts



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