will be held an another split again in CPI(m) Kerala ?

Antagonism  and political crisis in Kerala CPI(m) on Saturday it was fortified by veteran communist  party  leader VS Achuthanandan, he criticized at party state Secretary Pinarayi Vijayan for dubbing Marxist rebels, like recently assassinated  T P Chandrasekharan, as “traitor and treasonous “. whetted his sarcasm on party sate Secretary Vijayan for twice in a week, the 88-year-old founder and prominent communist  leader of the CPI(M) said this kind of ImageImageapproach of the state secretary was as horrid as the tyrannical method adopted by late S A Dange on the eve of the division of the undivided  CPI in 1964.”I am one of those 30 odd people who came out of the CPI national council in 1964 culminating our fight against revisionist trends in the movement. We were dubbed as class enemies and betrayers by Dange then. Those who are calling the rebels as betrayers and traitors now  they are embracing  the same autocratic method ,” he told a press meet here.”Ours is not a party like Congress where the decision of the high command could be imposed on the lower tiers. Our practice is to have detailed discussions within the party before formulating stand on any issue,” The former chief minister said he firmly stood by his earlier statement that seeing people like Chadrasekharan as betrayers and renegades was Vijayan’s personal opinion and not that of the party.The party’s approach was that the rebels who had abandoned  the organisation over various issues including ideological deviations should be brought back by convincing them of the correctness of the party line. when he was Asked if his open affirmation against the leadership would not lead to disciplinary action, he mentioned , in last year central leadership to intervene in the latest flare up of the feud between him and Vijayan, Achuthanandan said he expected that the central leaders would take a stand after studying the issue in detail.Significantly, Achuthanandan was hitting out at Vijayan for the second time in less than week after his virtual denouncement of latter over the rebel issue.He had then taken the  strong exception to the derogatory Malayalam expression “kulamkuthi”, which means betrayer of the clan, used by Vijayan to describe party rebels.Chandrasekharan was a well-known and distinguished  CPI(m) leader from the party stronghold Onjiyam before he was deposed  for the  questioning the ideological perversity and affluent lifestyle of the leaders.When he was in CPI(m), he was known to be a close supporter and advocator of Achuthanandan and after his excretion  he pursued  to defy the party by establishing  the Revolutionary Marxist Party (RMP).Chandrasekharan, 51, dared  CPI (m) leadership with his popularity among the people. He joined SFI and later became a leader of DYFI.  He obtained the graduation in  political science, he had  chosen his life  to be a full time politician. “He was a man of conviction and courage. He fought for what he believed in. I salute the comrade,” said Simon Britto, former legislator and SFI leader. Britto had come to Onchiyam to pay homage to his friend and comrade braving party diktats. Chandrasekharan was former area secretary of the CPI(m) in Onchiyam, a red citadel in Kerala. He left the party in 2008 .Onchiyam, lost its CPI(m) base after Chandrasekharan rebelled against the leadership  of CPI(m)who decided to hand over the panchayat administration of its stronghold Eramala to Janata Dal (Secular). Chandrasekharan and his followers disapproved  and later left  the party in protest against the unilateral decision.Chandrasekharan’s widow Rema,  curbed her emotion  no words. “Why did they kill him? He was such a sweet person who loved all. I don’t want sympathy. They can kill him but never defeat him. Our struggle will go on forever, because he fought for right cause. The people of Onchium will carry forward his struggle.”

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